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benedict cumberbatch visits the beach

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this is how you become gay

this photo could not be more accurate

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A typical conversation with me and the bæ

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    This is the samsung building in Mauldin, SC. It is owned by Samsung but operated by Alorica. It operates as a call center primarily and I a few months ago relocated to south carolina for a job there. I worked two whole days of training before the shit went down.

   Before I get into what happened to me here is a bit of back story. I am a transwoman and have been transitioning on hormones for 2 years now. They knew I was a transwoman upon hiring me and I made sure of it. Now we get onto what went down my second day of training.

    I walked into the training room as I had the previous day and class was going as it had the first day. We get released for lunch and I grab a bite to eat from my car, use the restroom, and sit back in class. Class starts back up again and for the first 20 minutes it was okay. Suddenly I get pulled out of the class by the head trainer and The head of human resources. This is where everything goes horribly wrong.

   The Head of human resources informs me that they saw me use the womens restroom (I identify as a woman and it IS the appropriate restroom for me to use) I am now informed by her that I am no longer allowed to use the womens rest room. In her EXACT words she tells me this “There are a lot of issues with allowing you to use the womens restroom, primarily we don’t want anyone yelling rape, so understand that you now have to use the mens restroom" I stand there, shocked, and ask if there is a private restroom I could use instead seeing as I do NOT want to put my well being at risk. They swiftly tell me, no. I am then told that I have to be addressed by my legal name from then on and they can’t use my preferred name. I must also now dress by the mens dress code and cease the way I was currently dressing.

   I head back into class, now shaking violently after all of this. I pull the instructor aside and tell him I was informed of an emergency to excuse myself from class and head home. I have a complete breakdown and can no longer show up to the job.

    I talk to a few lawyers and no one wants to take the case even though what they did violated the law big time. I eventually filed a report with the EEOC (equal employment opportunity commission) which tells me that what they did was a clear violation of my rights. Sadly 4 months later, I have heard NOTHING back from them.

  Since I see them never being held accountable for the shit they put me though I decided to post this here. I know 2 other people who have gone through the same thing at this facility previously and I don’t want anyone to have to go through this again. 


transmisogyny and rape culture combined.

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