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do you have those shows that you just pretend got cancelled after a certain season/episode and any following episodes just never existed in the first place?

(Two and a half Men fer sure)

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this is always what I’m gonna mean when I say this now

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better be my next bday cake

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Steal her style: Leslie Knope after severe fall into Sullivan Street pit 

Ann Taylor Grey skirt suit  ( $220 )

Vivienne Westwood Ladies Orange red bow blouse  ( $159.99 ) 

Steve Madden Wynston Black pumps ( $89.95 ) ( that’s the price for a pair but the look as seen on the picture above requires only 1 shoe so it’ll actually be $44,97 )

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you’ve been hit by

you’ve been struck by

a smooth criminal

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Wedding time. (Lol not ours :P)

Time to get noticed.

omg Congress can get almost literally nothing done and this bitch over here needin her own fuckin NSA server.

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she didnt break the fourth wall she motherfucking punched a hole in it

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